What to Expect on Your First Visit 

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#1. Plan

Plan to arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes early, as settling in takes a few minutes. Wear comfortable clothes for movement and hot conditions, and avoid wearing perfumes or scented lotions.

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#2. Bring

Bring a towel, a mat, and a water bottle that can secure tightly. If you forget a towel, we have some in the studio for rental.

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#3. Remove

Remove your shoes, and stow your cell phone and other personal belongings before entering the studio. Unplug so you can really plug in. Remember that there is no food, gum, or glass allowed in the studio, as well.

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#4. Settle

Sign in at the reception desk, and then join your fellow yogis in the studio. Roll out your mat, close your eyes, and open your mind and heart to new possibilities and breakthroughs in the class.

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#5. Sweat

You will sweat. The heat makes the rest of life’s distractions and troubles fall away. You know your body best; give what you have to offer in every class. No judgment.

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#6. Give

You will get more out of yoga if you come preparing to give more than to receive. We ask that you stay for the entire class (this includes savasana). If you have a special circumstance, let the instructor know before class begins. In this case, please set your mat near the door.

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